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Our Key Offerings

Kundali Match
15,000 ₹
Get Best Couple Kundli Match Report
  • Kundli Matching Report Based On Partner’s Birth Date & Time
  • In Depth Analysis Report From Astro Parduman
  • Overcome Challenges & Conflicts In Your Marriage
  • Experience Unmatched Accuracy Not Found.
  • Experience Unmatched Accuracy Not Found.
21,000 ₹
Personel Consultancy Call With Astro Parduman
  • One-One Call With Astro Parduman
  • He Is A Renowned Celebrity Astrologer
  • Personalized Guidance On Life, Love, Career, Business, Money
  • Book Personal & Couple Consultation Call
  • Advising Gemstones For Planetary Alignment And Balance.
11,000 ₹
Find The Best Predictions For Numbers
  • Personalized Life Path Insights Through Numbers.
  • Forecasting Future Events Via Numeric Calculations.
  • Guidance On Auspicious Dates And Decisions.
  • Predicting Potential Challenges And Opportunities.
  • Analyzing Compatibility Based On Numerical Patterns.
1,50,000 ₹
Enhancing Spaces For Positive Energies
  • Remote Consultations For Vastu Corrections And Enhancements.
  • Comprehensive Vastu Guidance For New Construction Projects.
  • Customized Remedies For Vastu-Related Issues In Properties.
  • Detailed Vastu Analysis For Harmony And Positive Energy Flow.
  • Personalized Vastu Assessments For Homes And Workplaces.

Celebrity Reviews

Find out what famous Bollywood stars, popular cricketers, TV actors and actresses, and rising social media influencers said after getting advice from India’s top astrologer, Parduman Suri. They talked about how his guidance helped them with life problems and boosted their careers. Hear their stories in review videos and testimonials.

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Glimpse of Achievements

2022 India Nostradamus Awards in by the Governor of Haryana
2021 Youth Icon Award, by Cabinet Minister in the Punjab
2021 India's Youngest Astrologer to Receive by IAIA
2021 Awarded as Indo-America Icon Award
2018 India youngest astrologer Award
2017 Jyotish Bhushan Award by the Governor of Uttarakhand

All Services

Personalized Kundali
10+ years Career, Business, Money, Health, Love, Marriage Prediction Report.
Call Consultation
Astrology Call Consultation and get an instant and accurate solution for your problems in just a few minutes of talk
Horoscope or Rashi is a brief about the positions of planets, stars, and the moon during a particular event of significance.
DOB Analysis
Reveal The Formula For Life Success With DOB Analysis Report. Your Date of Birth Holds the Answers to LifeтАЩs Questions.
Kundli Matching
Reveal The Formula For Life Success With DOB Analysis Report. Your Date of Birth Holds the Answers to LifeтАЩs Questions.
Vastu Consultation
Get Complete Vastu for Your Home/Office/Commercial Buildings.
Numerology is a belief system that assigns mystical and symbolic meanings to numbers, influencing various aspects of life.
Also known as chiromancy, is the practice of interpreting the lines, shapes, and features of a person's hand.
Varsh Phal
Varshphal is astrological forecast that provide insights into the general trends and opportunities likely to occur over the course of a year.
Lal Kibab
A set ofastrological practices rooted in ancient Indian astrology. A unique set of remedies and rituals to address planetary afflictions.
Online Puja
Embrace the convenience and spiritual essence of conducting rituals and prayers from the comfort of your own space
Understanding Gochar involves analyzing how planetary transits influence various aspects of life, such as relationships, career, and health.
Vastu Home
Vastu visit involves an assessment of the energy flow and spatial arrangement in a building according to Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural science.
Vastu Online
Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural science, focuses on harmonizing energies within spaces to enhance well-being.
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Buy Rudraksha
Rudraksha beads are sacred seeds from the fruit of the Rudraksha tree, revered for their spiritual significance.
Buy Rudraksha.png
Buy Gemstones
Gemstones are precious or semi-precious stones that have been revered for centuries for their beauty, rarity, and perceived mystical properties.
Buy Yantra
Each yantra has specific symbols and patterns that represent different aspects of divinity and can aid in achieving specific goals.
Buy Bracelets
Crystal bracelets are more than just accessories; they’re adorned with stones believed to possess various energies and properties.


Hari om praduman ji, Sir mne apse February month M consult kiya tha ki hmari life me shanti nhi h or ghar me bhi positivity nhi rhti tb apne five mukhi rudraksh wear krne ke liye bola tha or tb mne vo apse leke pehna tha or uske baad kuch time me hi hmare ghr me positivity rhne lgi or sb acha hone lga apka bhot dhanyavaad jii you're such an great astrologer. Thank you guruji
Namaskar praduman ji, I informed you that I consult you in the month of April, Life was a mess before you stepped in. Vastu issues wreaked havoc тАУ money troubles, tense family dynamics, and restless nights. Parduman sir you helped me in restoring balance, and my life transformation into a haven of positivity and joy. Now I'm very happy Thanks sir jii.
Namaskar praduman ji, let me tell you about the crazy journey I had with my hypertension before meeting you, high blood pressure, stress, and endless medications. Nothing seemed to work. But Parduman's advice? Surprisingly, it's been a game-changer! You're really a great astrologer. Thanks guruji

Frequently Asked Questions

Astro Parduman is a well-known figure in the field of astrology, vastu, numerology, and palmistry. He’s recognized for his expertise in these areas and has likely gained popularity through providing consultations, advice, and insights into these practices. His expertise might encompass analyzing birth charts, providing guidance based on numerological principles, offering advice on architectural and spatial arrangements according to vastu, and interpreting palm lines for insights into one’s life and future. Celebrity clientele and a strong presence in media might contribute to his widespread recognition in these fields.

Parduman Suri made quite a mark as India’s youngest astrologer, securing the prestigious ‘Indo-American Icon Award-2021’ from the International Astrology Federation Inc (IAF). His achievement not only showcases his expertise but also marks a significant milestone in the field of astrology in India.

Praduman Suri’s astrology services as his fees might vary based on the type of consultation or service he provides. Astrologers often have different rates for various services such as consultation, palmistry, numerology, and vastu. It’s best to directly contact Praduman Suri or his office to inquire at 7876999199 about his current fees for the specific service you’re interested in.

Parduman Suri’s official website, astrologerparduman.com, serves as a comprehensive platform where individuals can explore his astrological expertise, services, and insights. It likely provides details about his background, experience, and the specific areas of astrology he specializes in. Visitors can expect to find information on horoscope readings, astrological consultations, remedies, and possibly educational content related to astrology. It’s a hub for those seeking guidance or knowledge in the realm of astrology and cosmic influences on life events.

Astro Parduman suri, a well-known Vastu consultant, has been awarded the prestigious Best Vastu Consultant award by the Governor of Maharashtra, Ramesh Bais.

Parduman Suri can be reached at +91 7876999199. This contact number serves as a direct means to connect with Parduman Suri for any necessary communication or inquiries.

Parduman Suri, at the age of 26, stands at the threshold of his prime. With a vibrant energy that emanates from within, he carries himself with a blend of youthful enthusiasm and mature poise. At this stage of life, he embodies a sense of burgeoning potential, poised to embark on new adventures and embrace the opportunities that await him. There’s a spark in his eyes, reflecting a blend of determination, curiosity, and the eagerness to carve out his path in the world. As he navigates through the complexities of life, his age becomes a testament to the experiences that have shaped him, molding him into the person he is today.

Parduman Suri is revered for his expertise in providing comprehensive astrological guidance. His clients often praise his ability to offer accurate insights and valuable advice in navigating life’s challenges. Reviews frequently highlight his precise predictions, empathetic approach, and the practical applicability of his counsel in improving various facets of life.

You can book a consultation with Astro Parduman through his website or contact details provided. During the consultation, he will analyze your birth chart and provide personalized Lal Kitab remedies based on your planetary positions.

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